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Thread: Can You Use Veet Hair Remover On Your Face?

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    Can You Use Veet Hair Remover On Your Face?

    Hi friends,

    Usually, I prefer hot wax to remove unwanted hair on my legs and arms. If I have no time I will go for Veet Hair Remover. This is the instant hair remover kit that helps to remove the hair in short duration. I have noticed hair on my face too. I feel that, this hair growth is reducing my complexion. I'm not interested in doing threading or bleach, as Iíve a sensitive skin.

    I would like to know, using the Veet Hair Remover on the face is good to skin? Can I use that occasionally to remove unnecessary hair on cheeks and chin?

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    Hi Anjana,

    Instead of using normal Veet Hair Remover on your face, you can try Veet Facial Hair Removal Kit. This is specially meant for facial hair. The reason is that the product may cause irritation, or sometimes acne or spots. As most of the removal creams have some kind of burning effect, they cause wrinkles thereby damaging your facial skin.

    Threading is advisable for removing facial hair, as this is the safest method. If not, you can try laser method.

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