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Thread: How to reduce acne scars naturally

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    How to reduce acne scars naturally

    Hey friends…..
    Please help me yaar.. My friend who actually looks so beautiful and fair looking girl. But she has lots of acne scars on her face. If all those scars are removed then she will undoubtedly look gorgeous. I want to help her in removing the scars.
    If you have any remedies then please share with me.

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    Hi Tara,,,
    I read you bad memories. I dint replied to that post because I felt bit bad. I am feeling happy for you since you are going to get settled soon with a caring person in your life..
    You have got a helping nature too since you want to help your friend.
    I truly adore your character..
    Anyways, ask you friend to wash her face at least twice a day.
    Mix sandalwood powder with rose water and apply on the face. Leave it for half an hour and wash face with warm water.
    If there are no acnes then you can apply turmeric paste.
    Try to avoid soaps and talcum powder for few days.

    I am sure that the acne scars will get cure gradually.

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