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Thread: Fastest way to remove sun tan

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    Fastest way to remove sun tan

    Hello Buddeisssssss!!!
    Due to this burning sun, my skin become black and started looking ugly. Can anybody tell me few remedies to remove sun tan?

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    Hi Ankita,
    It is very natural that during hot sunny days our skin becomes dull and turns black in colour. This happens due to the UV rays from the sun penetrates into the skin. To avoid this penetration, we should protect our skin with some fairness cream or Sun-screen creams that re available in market.

    Apply cucumber juice mixed with lemon juice on your face to get your original colour.
    You can make homemade face pack such as papaya face pack, Turmeric powder+Milk+Lemon Juice pack, gram flour+curd+lemon juice pack, etc…

    Lemon juice and turmeric act as natural bleaching agents.

    Hope these tips will be useful for you.

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