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Thread: How long does hair transplant last

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    How long does hair transplant last

    Hello Guyz,
    Sorry to bother you all, I have a query to ask you. My dad is losing his hair due to extreme tensions and pressures from all the side. He started looking bald. I donít like his looks. I want him to do hair transplantation. I just want to know how long does hair transplant will last.

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    Hello Farheen..
    No need to worry about hair transplantation. Hair transplant is permanent. After transplantation is done, doctors will recommend a combination of laser hair therapy, propecia and Rogaine to help solidify the transplanted hair follicles and aid in slowing the loss of hair from follicles that were not transplanted. Once all the procedure is done, you will not become bald during your life time, the transplanted grafts will grow hair permanently.
    You can consult a hair specialist with your father for hair transplantation without any hesitation.

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