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Thread: Neem leaf medicinal uses

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    Neem leaf medicinal uses

    Neam leaf is very good for health; it is one of the most powerful blood purifiers. The neam leaves cleanses and increses the circulation. And it also acts as a healing agent for various health issues, These are some of the medicinal uses which i am aware of; i want to know some more medicinal uses of neam leaves. If you all know more about it, please do feel free to share it!!!!!!

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    Neem tree is one of the divine tree and the neam leaves are used for various medicinal purposes. Using neem leaves can help to treat a wide variety of diseases because the neem has the ability to the the bacterias infections viruses etc.......There are many toothpaste chewing gums etc...Which are made out of neam leaves which can help in protecting the teeth and prevent it from various dental problems. The burning dried neam leaves will keep away mosquitoes, the face pack made of neam helps in lightening the pigmentation scars etc..If a diabetic consumes neam leaves in an empty stomach it will help in curing diabities, it is also good in treating chickenpox.

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