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Thread: Best ways to lose stomach fat fast

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    Best ways to lose stomach fat fast

    Hiii SD Viewers,
    I have a query to share with you all and I need valuable suggestions from you. My mother has big tummy and she is not ready to wear saree due to her stomach fat. Can you friends refer me some good ways to remove the stomach fats quickly?

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    Itís quiet natural that women at her 35ís and 40ís gain fatty bellies..
    Burning tummy fat is a great deal. You need to put your full effort.
    Ask her to do the following:
    - Go for a walk for at least one hour daily.
    - Drinking plenty of water.
    - Breathing slowly.
    - Having small amount of food. Donít eat stomach full of meals.
    - Yoga is the best way to reduce stomach fats.
    This will surely reduce her tummy fat.

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