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Thread: Pumpkin good for diabetics

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    Pumpkin good for diabetics

    Hi all,

    One of my aunts is a diabetics, She is very much health conscious. She is very keen about dieting, one of them told her to include pumpkin in her diet, so she do not know how pumpkin works for diabetics............Is pumpkin good for diabetics? If so! can anyone of you please tell how good is pumpkin for diabetics and some of the benefits of eating pumpkin for diabetics.......

    Thank you!!!!!

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    Yes pumpkin is good for diabetics.............

    Pumpkin has lot of health benefits and it is a good source of vitamin A and C. It also contains the necessary protiens, vitamins, and potassium. This will come under low fat foods; the pumpkin seeds contain iron, protein, and magnesium which are very good for diabetics. Pumpkins could also reduce or the need for insulin injections for type one diabetics. It provides variety of nutrients. It is advisable to have pumpkin regularly in order to maintain the blood sugar level. It is very important for the diabetics to include at least one starch of pumpkin a day. It has been found that 80 gm of pumpkin contains 4 gm of carbohydrates.To get the GL value, multiply the GI with the carbohydrate amount and divide with 100. So it is based on the diet..............

    These are some of the benefits of pumpkin for diabetics................if you all know more of its benefits please do feel free to share it.

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