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Thread: Want My Hair To Grow Longer - Please Help!!!

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    Want My Hair To Grow Longer - Please Help!!!

    Hello everyone,

    Recently, I’ve cut short my hair to my shoulder level, as I experienced hair loss. This is because I came to know that, trimming often would also be a reason to minimize the hair loss. I just want to grow my hair faster and longer. What are the food intake and the supplements should I take to boost up the hair growth???


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    Hi Hema,

    First, let me explain the dos and don’ts that enhances the hair growth…

    • Reduce your stress, as it will slow down your hair's growth rate and it will make it weaker. For this, you can do some stress-reducing techniques are deep breathing, regular exercise, mediation, yoga, or enjoying a hobby or recreational activity such as reading, cooking, or gardening

    • Get enough sleep and eat right
    • Always use SPF sun protection enriched hair mousse/spray.

    • Don’t towel dry it roughly, don't straighten or curl it using heat. Stay away from things that will harm your hair like a lot of excessive heat (blowing\drying\straightening) and dyes

    • Give your hair a good brushing before bed. This should be done by bending forward from the waist, head down, brushing from the back to front.

    • Brush at least fifty to one hundred strokes. This will help remove dirt, pollutants and damaging particles from the hair in addition to stimulate circulation which will increase natural oils for added sheen and oxygen to the hair and scalp.

    The food intake that helps you to improve the hair growth is:

    Eat lots of oily fish, leafy green vegetables, and lean protein.
    Take vitamin supplements and take incredibly good care of your hair

    Take Biotin 1000 mcg and MSM 1500 mg. Take one of both in the morning and one of both at night. You can take Vitamin B to make the biotin work better

    Vitamin E helps grow your hair long. Either mix Vit-E in the shampoo you use or wash it after applying directly on your hair.
    Once in a week, massage jojoba oil with one to two drops of rosemary oil for dry or oily hair and tea tree for hair that shows signs of dandruff into the scalp. Leave on overnight, wash out the next day.

    Above all, you need to be more patient, when you start taking these supplements.

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