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Thread: Can You Use Veet on Facial Hair

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    Can You Use Veet on Facial Hair

    Hey girls,

    Facial Hair is the most important beauty issue that many of the girls are facing today. This problem is such a headache for me. Iíve tried bleach and threading many times. However, I feel that, the hair growth is excessive. Instead of hitting the parlor, I thought of trying Veet to remove facial hair once in a month. Can I use that to remove the facial hair? Will it work or it will cause any side effects???

    Please help me!!!

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    Hey Deep,

    The most attractive part that shows the identity of us is our face. Donít feel lazy to take care of that. Veet is not at all meant for the facial hair. It is perfect meant for removing the unwanted hair and in legs. When we compare the facial skin with other parts, this is somewhat sensitive.

    Itís better to use the products that are specially created for specific parts of the body. You can try other creams, which are produced to remove the facial hair. Many such products are available in the market. Better try that. Never use Veet on your face, as it will negative effects such as acne, irritation, wrinkles, etc.

    Hope, youíre clear now!!!

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