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Thread: How to get rid of belly fat fast for men

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    How to get rid of belly fat fast for men

    Hi friends

    I am over weight and I am trying to reduce my weight in every way My belly too much I cant wear any T -shirts also. kindly can any one suggest me how to get rid of belly fat fast

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    Belly fat Is really unattractive but it also poses many health risk for men . Men with belly fat have the greater health problem .It is important to lose the belly fat very soon . Here is the helpful tips to get rid of belly fat that will achieve this goal
    Physical activity need not necessarily mean only doing the ab crunches there are better way to cut down the belly fat . Some of the best cardio exercises to lose belly fat are running, swimming and jump. These are total body workouts. If you have a treadmill put it on 10-15 degrees incline and walk. After doing this exercise . Having a proper diet helps in getting rid of belly fat. A fiber-rich diet really helps in trimming the fat from the body. Snacks like chips, chocolates, etc. should be avoided, and itís better to eat fruit when a person feels hungry
    In a glass of warm water, add some lemon juice and honey, mix it well and drink it everyday early morning, before breakfast. Lastly, keep drinking 2-3 cups of green tea daily.
    This was important advice on how to get rid of belly fat for men. So, follow the above mentioned exercises and diet tips, and get rid of the stubborn belly fat fast.

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