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Thread: Remove Nail Polish from Clothes

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    Remove Nail Polish from Clothes

    Hi Friends,

    My sister got an alluring Lehenga as her Birthday gift, which was celebrated last week. She looked so gorgeous by clad in that captivating attire. She thought of wearing that same dress for a wedding the very next day. While applying nail polish, it was spilled on that dress. She didnít notice that and came to know that, in the function. Though she tried with many of the detergents, it doesnít work.

    Can someone let me know, how to remove the stains of a nail polish from the garments???

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    Hi Anita,

    If we wear any dress or getting ready to a function, we must be careful in that. Accidentally, these happen sometimes, though we do things with utmost care. Let m come to the point.
    Firstly, you can try removing the polish with your hands. scrub at them. This canít be done instantly by simply swiping by applying nail polish remover at them.

    If it doesnít works, then soak the stain long enough for the polish to dissolve by saturating a cotton ball with polish remover or acetone .Then hold the ball on the stain, until it penetrates the cloth, and keep the stain moist. After a few minutes, try rinsing it with cold water. If you got some of the stain out, repeat the process.

    If the fibers on your clothes are stained, and you have removed all the polish, then your garment is permanently stained.

    This method works on the cotton clothes alone. If your attire is blend of cotton with some other fabric, then you have to give for dry clean. The dry-cleaners will have a vast array of chemicals at their disposal, and they know how to use these chemicals. But if the stain is set, they might not be able to do anything.

    Hope, this could be informative!!!

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