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Thread: Can We Apply Sesame Oil to Hair

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    Can We Apply Sesame Oil to Hair

    Hey friends,

    My neighbor, suggested me to include sesame oil in the oil which I apply for hair to reduce the hair fall. This is something strange to me, and I asked her the reasons for that. She told that, it was simply because of my grannyís advice.

    I would like to know, applying sesame oil is good for hair??? If so, list out all the health benefits of Sesame oil for hair.

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    Hi Anjaana,

    Donít you know that, many of the people apply this sesame oil from their head to toe once in a week to get rid of the excessive heat produced from the body??? Most of the persons are following this procedure in our country, especially in South India.

    Sesame oil is the best herb for all the hair treatments, as it has a highly nourishing, healing, and lubricating property. It offers a lot of health benefits to your hair. They are as follows:

    Keeps the scalp free of infections
    Prevent and treat premature hair graying
    Nourish the hair shafts and roots to enhance hair growth

    Its conditioning property, softens the hair
    Helps to strengthen the hair and prevents it from breaking
    Heals the damages that are caused by the harmful chemicals

    Treat and control dry scalp and also prevents further hair loss.
    If you massage your hair daily with it, you can boost up your hair color.
    Get rid of the risk factors that cause hair loss such as depression and stress

    Acts as a natural sunscreen as it protects the hair against the damaging effect of UV rays
    Increases scalp circulation as it has a high penetration ability thereby promoting hair growth.

    Combine this with essential to enjoy the effective results!!!

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