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Thread: Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Body Odor

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    Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Body Odor

    My brother works as a quality inspector for Volvo company, as he most of the time mounted with machinery and dusty environment his body produces foul smell, how to prevent this odor naturally?? Do any of you guys have idea about it??

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    Environment is not the only reason for body odor; it could also happen due to bad eating pattern, wearing low grade fabrics & rigid clothing’s. So to overcome this hitch, we must follow certain directives with care, such as:-

    Everyday must scrub body using antibacterial/deodorant soap.

    Addition of 1teaspoon alum to bathing water makes smell fresh whole day.

    Puffing Baking soda over body will absorb chemicals, thus it will remove odor smell.

    Must include turnip everyday to the diet.

    Must drink plenty of water.

    Cotton clothes are preferable.

    Washing underarms with help of vinegar cures body odor.

    Must spray deodorant.

    Must give nil to hydrogenated foods.

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