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Thread: Is Mustard Oil Good For Body Massage?

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    Is Mustard Oil Good For Body Massage?

    Hello everyone,

    One of my close friends went to a spa for rejuvenate herself. She was given body massage, head spa, foot reflexology, facial, and more. She shared all her experience of utmost relaxation and tranquility from the spa services. She told that, mustard oil was used for body massage, and some aromatherapy oils are used for particular purposes. I strongly opposed her and I told her that, it is used only to treat all the fungal infections.

    I would like to know, is it used for body massage? Why not some other oils can be used? Please, list the usage of mustard oil for body massage.

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    Yes Namita,

    When compared to other oils, mustard oil is widely used for body massages, as it relieves pain and makes you relax by working deeply in the body.

    Effective oil used to get a glowing skin and thick hair is ‘Mustard Oil’. It is used to get a relaxing body and head massage. The top-most reasons which make mustard oil an excellent option for body massage is...

    1. Cleanses the skin
    2. Removes dirt from the skin
    3. Retain the moisture of the skin

    4. Help stimulate blood circulation to the skin and increases blood flow.
    5. Gives extreme relief from Joint pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.
    6. Rub gently on the joints, neck, and feet to get a clean and glowing skin naturally

    It also helps to get strong hair roots, increase hair growth, prevents hair graying. Head massage with warm mustard oil after a hectic and stressful day, will keep you mentally relaxed and all the stress will go away within minutes.

    Pamper yourself in a body massage with mustard oil to revitalize yourself!!!

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