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Thread: Natural Treatment For Under Eye Dark Circles

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    Natural Treatment For Under Eye Dark Circles

    Hi friends,

    My niece, who is doing her graduation, got dark circles around her eyes. Though she smartly dressed and applied make–up before stepping out from home, she does not succeed in concealing those black circles.

    Can someone let me know, how to get rid of this under-eye dark circles naturally?

    Earlier replies would be appreciated!!!

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    Hi Rani,

    Black or dark circles are the major beauty issue, faced by most of the teenagers. Fatigue is the main reason for getting those circles. It can be toned down naturally, if we reduce the stress, sleepiness, and time we spend on the computer or watching television. Modify your diet by eliminating salty snacks in it. Include plenty of fruits and veggies that are vitamin B, K, E, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acid, etc.

    Some of the natural and highly effective ways of treating dark circles are as follows:

    1. Potato or cucumber slices can helps.
    2. Have enough sleep for at least 8-hours a day.
    3. Mixture of orange juice and glycerin also helps.
    4. Mixture of almond and milk will help to reduce the circles.
    5. Dark circle is a sign of dehydration. So, drink a plenty of water.
    6. Cotton balls dipped in ice water may work just as well -- the cold reduces blood vessel expansion and puffiness.
    7. Green tea bags containing natural anti-inflammatory chemical, helps to reduce the puffiness around the eyes, and also can diminish the dark circles quickly.

    Apart from this, regular practices of yoga do wonders to your eyes and skin!!!

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