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Thread: Homemade Hair Care Tips For Dandruff

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    Homemade Hair Care Tips For Dandruff

    As I roam out frequently in dust filled region, my hairs got spoiled currently my scalp is slightly crammed with “Dandruff”, because of this am losing more than 200 hairs per day, kindly anybody suggest me good natural remedies to overcome dandruff in short period…
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    First tip for healing dandruff is, cover up your hairs utterly while wandering out.
    Must wash hairs regularly using one single brand conditioner.
    Regular massage to hair with olive before bath is good for healing Dandruff.
    Utilizing Coconut oil & Rosemary oil will heal dandruff rapidly.
    Washing hairs with egg white/ milk/ yogurt will help to produce healthy hair.
    Massaging head with lime juice and baking soda vanishes Dandruff swiftly.

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