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Thread: Wedding grooming tips for men

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    Wedding grooming tips for men

    Hi folks...................

    There is a close friend of mine who is going to get married very soon, his wedding is almost fixed. All of his family members are very busy with the work, each one is been allotted different works for marriage. Since he is the only son they are planning to do the marriage in a grand manner. My friend is looking for some unique grooming ideas for his wedding, so can anyone please give some wedding grooming tips for men? Please share some of the grooming ideas for men.

    Please do reply as soon as possible!!!!

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    Marriage is one of the auspicious moments in each and every persona life. It takes place only once in a time so it is the best opportunity for both the bride and the groom to dress up well in order to look more bright and unique from other persons. There will be lot of photographs taken, which will be a sign of remembrance for a life time; so it is better to groom yourself well to look good. One of the most essential things is a clear hair cut and a clean shave.

    Here i would like to give some more ideas of grooming for men on wedding;

    The first and the foremost thing to be done is avoid trends. Try with some trendy and the classy haircut which will never grow old even after many years, remember the wedding photos will be kept for years; please make sure the style is classy.

    A week before marriage ask him to do hair cut, this will look good and nice on the day of wedding. This will also make him look younger than what he was before; special attention should be given for grooming.

    Spend more money for grooming; look for some trendy menís salon and do a hair cut. Trim your hairs, tell them to do hair cut which suits your face, they will pay a special attention on it.

    Dressing is very much important, look for some pijamaís, blazers, or any other dress which will best suit. Another important thing is the color combo should be good, use contrast colors. For example if he is buying black blazers, ask him to wear white shirt.

    Sleep is very much required. The day before marriage ask him to take rest, tell him to sleep well. If he has a proper sleep, on the day of marriage his face will look brighter.

    Ask him to shave well without any cuts on his face. If he has a long beard please do tell him to remove it and get it trimmed professionally both on the neck and cheeks.

    These are some of the simple and useful tips of wedding grooming for men, hope it helped!!!

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