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Thread: Homemade face scrub for oily skin

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    Homemade face scrub for oily skin

    Hello All!
    Is there any homemade face scrubs for oily skin? I came to know that applying face scrubs once in a week is good to get glowing skin. So refer me some easy homemade scrubs for oily skin.

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    Hi Shradha!
    I know how oily skin troubles you. Even if you wash your face frequently, it becomes oily soon. I have few remedies for your oily skin. You will surely get glowing skin. The main reason for getting oily skin is your hyperactive sebaceous gland which releases oil.
    Here are few simple homemade remedies for getting rid of oily skin:

    - Apply uncooked milk on your face with a cotton plug. It is very effective on oily skin.
    - Lemon juice acts as best astringent for oily skin, acne and scars.
    - Potato skin works effectively on your skin.
    - Make tomato puree and apply it on the skin to remove oiliness.

    I think it will be easy for you to apply it on daily basis and I am sure that soon your skin is going to glow.

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    My Tips

    Besan Flour is also the best homemade face scrub. Mix besan flour with water & make a paste, apply besan paste on your face wait till it get dry. Now wash your face with some warm water.

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