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Thread: Disadvantages of donating blood

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    Disadvantages of donating blood


    I like to donate the blood but many people say that their will lot of problem when you donate blood and they say we will feel unhealthy kindly say me the disadvantage of blood donating.

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    There is no direct disadvantage but while giving blood donation you should keep some point in your mind
    Before donating blood check your blood count
    If you fall suddenly ill after donating blood and you may yourself fall short of blood.
    You are not completely healthy and fit to donate blood.
    If the person collecting your blood takes more blood from you (more than 350 ml) as the bags are slightly expandable.

    Some people have fear to donate blood but there is nothing to fear just start donating blood once and see the happiness you bring your self as well as the person who get your blood .Once you donate the blood you should not donate the blood 3 months.

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