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Thread: Neem leaf powder health benefits

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    Neem leaf powder health benefits

    Hello Buddies…….
    I want to know the health benefits of neem leaf powder. I heard from my grandma as she always use to tell us to put 3-4 leaves of neem in bathing water. I never used to question her as I was very young. Now she is not there in this world to answer me. So I put this question in front of you. Kindly revert back if you guys know the answer.

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    Hi Ankitha!

    It is a very useful and good topic. One should know the advantages of Neem Leaves. Indians were the one who found such miraculous tree which has tons of good properties. We can say that it is a magical tree. Here are few lists of health benefits of Neem leavf powder.

    - It acts as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.
    - It helps in treating chicken pox, small pox, etc…
    - It helps in blood purification.
    - Consuming neem powder helps in glowing skin.
    - Applying neem powder on face helps in reducing acne.
    - Increases immunity
    - Cures diabetes
    - It helps in proper functioning of liver.

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