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Thread: Home Remedies To Cure Dark Circles

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    Home Remedies To Cure Dark Circles

    I have fair complexion with dark circles under eyes, this looks very odd….. I want to somehow alleviate this illness quickly, can somebody refer me simple home remedies to heal Dark Circles in rapid.

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    The major cause for dark circle under eyes is Lack Of Sleep, Depression And Dehydration; the foremost exercise to overcome this sickness is healthy sleep, laughing therapy & must drink plenty of water.

    Beauty Tips To Cure Dark Circles Are:-

    Applying Cucumber juice and potato juice on affected area will tend to lighten the skin.

    Must place cotton balls dipped with rosewater on eyelids for 15-20mnts.

    Should consume supplements rich in Iron Vitamin E & Vitamin C.

    Should give nil to junk food, smoking and alcohols.

    Regular circular motion massage over dark circles with Almond oil is high-quality remedy.

    Everyday 1 serve of fruit is mandatory.

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