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Thread: first marriage anniversary gifts for husband

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    first marriage anniversary gifts for husband


    Need some inspiration for gift for my husband for our 1st year wedding anniversary that is coming on Feb 7th . I literally have no idea . could any one suggest a nice wedding present for my husband ? I would want something Memorable and lasting

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    During the wedding anniversary two individuals come together for the most romantic event of their lives
    here is the beautiful gifts ideas hope this will help
    Frame a caricature drawing made of both of you as a couple.

    Make a personalized calendar or a photo collage scrapbook with pictures of the two of you, marked with all the dates that are special to him.

    Coupons that are good for treats such as a massage, chores or sexual favors.

    The best first wedding anniversary present for your husband need not to be costly or lavish. Use these inexpensive gift ideas to find a unique way to celebrate your paper anniversary. No matter how it is celebrated, a first anniversary holds a special place for the lovers and marks a day when their lives changed forever

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