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Thread: Does bipasha basu exercise video work?

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    Does bipasha basu exercise video work?

    Hi folks........................

    One of my friends is overweight all of her friends used to tease her because of that, she felt really bad. But later she took it as a challenge and did try many workouts possible to gain a perfect figure and it did work out. After few months i saw great change in her, she became very slim and beautiful, i was really happy to see her like that. Even i decided to take up some gym courses to have a perfect structure like her. So my cousin sister suggested me to look for bipasha basu exercise video, but i do not know how far it works. Does bipasha basu exercise video work?

    Please share your views and opinions

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    Most of the girls wish to have a perfect figure for some they do have but few do not have a slim personality as they wish. I hope you all know bipasha how she was before and now you can see a great change in her personality she is very slim and beautiful now its all because of the exercises and workouts she had taken up.

    Bipasha basu devotes at least 1 hour a day for the work outs.

    20 minutes- Treadmill
    10 minutes- Elliptical trainer
    20 minutes- rowing machine

    The video of bipasha includes her personal workout routine and it is mailnly focused on women
    The routine exercises done by bipasha whole through a week are as follows;

    First day she will take up- Upper Body Workout
    The second day -Abdomen Workout
    The third day of the week she will do-Legs and Lower Body Workout
    The fourth day is-Gluteus Maximus (butt) Workout
    The fifth day she continues doing -Upper Body Workout
    The last day of the week the exercises is based on -Abdomen and Gluteus Maximus Workouts

    Those who are overweight do not worry, try following her exercise video, it really works and even i have tried it................

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