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Thread: Homemade hair care tips for men

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    Homemade hair care tips for men

    Hello All…..
    Many office going guys lives in main city. Everywhere there is traffic and pollution. To my surprise the pollution is increasing day by day. The toxic atmosphere affects hair first. Even in the age of 23's and 25's many young guys look bald. Are there any easy homemade hair care tips for men? Kindly share here.

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    Hi Kunal!
    It is a very common problem in these very busy days. Many might not have enough time to take care of their hair properly. Hence they observe excess hair fall. If you give at least 10 min for your hair care in a day then it is for sure that you hair fall and other hair related issues can be solved. Here are few tips for all those who are concerned about their hair.

    1. Avoid drying your hair with towel. Instead shake your hair well and remove the excess water and stroke your hair in the direction it grows. This is will increase your hair growth.
    2. Don’t take hair bath in hot water. Instead warm or cold water will make your hair healthy.
    3. Avoid Chemical treatments.
    4. Always keep your hair trimmed
    Hope these tips will help you in maintaing healthy hair for men.

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