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Thread: Exercise for weight loss for men

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    Exercise for weight loss for men

    Hey I want to reduce my weight in 30 days, do you think is the best exercise that can lose the most amount of weight. The exercise that I'm usually doing is push-ups and few other exercises at home I want to lose my weight within 30 days. Do you guys know any of the any exercises that can help me burn those extra calories and lose my weight?

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    Hello there I will share few more tips that can help you lose weight.

    1. Replace your morning breakfast with oat meal, it give your brain a maximal dose of energizing nutrients to keep it running in peak condition.
    2. Drink more water.
    3. Avocados are loaded with the kind of healthy fats you need to keep your body burning fat.
    4. Practice power yoga it will help you burn fat. I will share a link go through it.


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