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Thread: Advice on divorce

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    Advice on divorce

    Hi. I am married since 22 years having a 20 years old daughter and 17 years old son both are studying. My husband and I started the problems since 2000 and now from past 3 years it has gone to a stage of being separate. I am working and he is into his independent business. I tried to make him understand the gaps in our family and to rectify them. But he seems to be more egoistic and not willing to change. My children and I are tired of his attitude. Even after listening to abusive words my children still respect him. My husband is forcing me from past two years to initiate divorce from my end. He does not want to initiate though he is much interested in divorce than me. In the mean time, I bought a flat five years back on loan which is still running, the loan is in my name and I am repaying it. But thinking that he would change, I have registered this flat in both our names, joint names. though he is not giving any money, nor given any money before, just because he is the joint owner, he is claiming that he has rights in the flat. I want to give the flat to my children. I do not want to possess the flat neither I want my husband to possess it. Please advice me. How can I secure my flat/apartment to my children. There are no other assets in our names.

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    Thumbs up Life is too short to be unhappy or be in fights in relationship.

    Dear Meera,
    There is no reason for you to live in abusive relationship. Divorce at this age may seem hard. Divorce or separation is never easy. Be glad that your kids are kinda grown up. If you try to make this relationship work more, it may lead to physical abuse which is not good.
    I am not sure how much will he have to pay you as a alimony, you can always consult a divorce lawyer who can give you more ideas about your joint property as well. If he wants a mutual divorce, may be you can ask him to pay for divorce lawyer fees as well. Life is too short to be unhappy, divorce is not always bad, can be seen as a freedom from bad relationship as well. Hope something works for you.

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    Dear Meera,
    Donít give-up your flat to reckless hubby, itís your money! To put this property in safer side you must visit good lawyer who is recognized for Property dealings only.

    If youíre protected well and if your children think that there is no necessary for dad like himÖ. Kindly proceed for divorce!

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    Since the house has been registered in your and your husband's name, therefore the property belongs to both of you. Also since the loan is in your name, you have to pay for it. You should try to convince your husband that he should share the cost of the property with you, or should register it in the name of your children. You can transfer your part of the property to your children.

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