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Thread: Exercise for obesity in children

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    Exercise for obesity in children

    Hi all,

    One of my friends kid is overweight in this small age he has developed tummy this makes him look a bit elder she is totally worried about it. She is looking for some physical exercises to make his child get rid of this obesity. Is there any exercise for obesity in children? If so! Can anyone please give in detail about the exercise plan for obese children? Please help!!!!

    Thank you!!!!

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    Obesity in children is mainly caused due to lack of physical activity Lack of physical activity. In order to manage this obesity children have to involve themselves in the physical activities like exercising running walking etc....

    Researches have proved that the lack of vigorous physical activity is the main cause for the adolescence between 11 and 15......

    Physical exercises are the best way to reduce weight, here i would like to give out few exercises for obese children. It is the responsibility of the parents to make their children to do the physical exercises everyday.

    Before going to the exercises let me give few tips to manange obesity;

    It is advisable to have a proper diet
    It is also appreciable to start a weight management program
    It is better if you advice your child to have healthy foods instead of junk foods
    For the children who are obese it is better to consume low fat foods with low amount of calories
    It will be really good for the children if they get involved in some physical activity

    Another important thing is the physical exercises this is the only way to get rid of obesity. Here i would like to list out few exercises for obese children;

    One has to take up physical exercises like jogging, walking cycling etc.......because all these will burn huge calories from the body.
    For the kids who are obese it is advisable to go for yoga classes and take some exercises like abdomen exercises, hand exercises, leg exercises etc..
    It is also good for obese kids to do meditation everyday; this will also help in reducing weight.
    Aerobic exercise is really good for the kids who are obese; but once you start doing it, you should not stop in between; otherwise it will turn to be a great cause for overweight.
    It is also appreciable for the obese children to include three days a week of muscle strengthening activities like gymnastics, yoga etc...

    These are some of the exercises for obese children

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