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Thread: How to reduce dark circles naturally at home

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    How to reduce dark circles naturally at home


    Due to preceding age there are dark circle marks below my eyes and it feel s very humiliation . which makes my face to see very dull . So I need to over come this tough time of my life . Could any one suggest me the home made remedies for the dark circle

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    Are you one of those who are increasingly getting annoyed by dark circle under the eyes? There are many people they are trying to hide the dark circle . Dark circle is very common in today’s world . Dark circle mainly occur when you are devoid of sleep here is the natural treatment to reduce dark circle naturally at home .

    1>Cucumber cut the cumber in slice and keep under the eye for 15 min it gives you coolness and reduce the black circle do it for 6 days

    2>Potatoes have the lightening effect on the entire skin and help you attain that elusive fairness quite easily . cut the potatoes in slice and keep under the eyes 20 min try doing it 15 days it will reduce the black circle

    3>Cool all the tea bags by placing them in the refrigerator and apply them under your eyes. Do this whenever you can. This is a great way to refresh your eyes during the noon break before you get back to work.

    Hope this tips will help you

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