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Thread: Can we apply curd on hair

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    Can we apply curd on hair

    Hi SDn’s..
    One of my friends told me to apply curd on hair to make it soft and silky. Does applying curd on hair make it soft?
    I have heard that applying curd on face will improve the skin tone. But for hair, I am very doubtful.
    Does any one of you know about this?

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    It may sound weird “Curd on Hair”!!!! But it acts as best remedy for many hair problems.
    Curd is rich in phosphorus, calcium, protein and potassium. All the essential nutrients helps in treating hair problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, split ends, etc…
    It strengthens the hair follicles.
    It makes hair lustrous and shiny.
    It is the perfect remedy for brittle hair. Curd retains the moisture in the hair making it soft and smooth.

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