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Thread: Hair care tips for men at home

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    Hair care tips for men at home

    Hi viewers!!!
    Men’s are busy all the time. Even if they get free time also, they would like to stay at home watching some ‘ut-patang’ movie or some old cricket matches. They don’t want to go to beauty salons for their hair care. If they get any tips that improve the quality of their hair by being at home, then I hope they will surely get ready to do.
    Why I am posting this because my boyfriend does the same. If you guide me with beneficial hair care tips that can be made at home easily then it I can suggest him.
    Waiting for your replies.

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    Hi Tara,
    Most of the men are same as you said, They don’t care much about their looks as girls do.
    You can also include me in this group.
    And you are correct that we get ready to concentrate on looks if something can be done at home.

    I got some tips from my mom that i would like to share with you. Hope your boy friend follow these valuable homemade tips for hair care.

    Applying Curd on hair. Curd has essential proteins and vitamin that will help in hair growth and give softness to it.
    Soak fenugreek seeds for the whole night and mash it with coconut oil. Apply this mixture on your scalp.
    Amla is also good for healthy hair. Grind amla and apply its juice on the hair. Amla retains the moisture on the hair and helps it to stay soft for long time. Doing this weekly once will give you healthy and shiny hair.
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