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Thread: Which is best trusted matrimonial site??

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    Which is best trusted matrimonial site??

    Hi all,
    One of my aunts are looking a girl for their son who is aged 25, they tried through many marriage agents, but they were not satisfied even with a single girl, either one or the other problem was there. So they thought of trying through some matrimonial sites; but they are not much aware of these sites and how effective they are. Is it good to try with matrimonial sites? If so! can anyone please do suggest few best trusted matrimonial sites? So that it will be really helpful for them to look for a good girl for his son......

    Waiting for your valuable replies!!!!

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    Hey amar matrimonial sites are good..............

    There is huge range of matrimonial sites and it is very hard to decide which one will be the best than the others. So here i would like to give out few best trusted matrimonial sites, please do have a look at it;

    The below are some of the best trusted matrimonial sites which are existing from a longer time;

    Bharat matrimony
    Chennai sai sankara matrrimonials
    Simply marry
    Vivah bandan
    Life partner India
    Indian matrimony
    Jeevan sathi

    The best choice would be "Bharat matrimony"............ because almost 80% of the people go with it.

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