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Thread: Traditional Attire Of Karnataka

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    Traditional Attire Of Karnataka

    Since my birth I Stay in Karnataka, but I donít know the exact customary wear of Karnataka citizens. Shame on my part
    Do any of you guys have idea about it??

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    You couldn’t find the exact traditional attire of Karnataka because mostly all women there drape same way of Sarees except for women in Kodugu district.

    Women’s @ Kodugu district has distinct style of pining Saris i.e. they clip sari @ right collarbone whereas others does it towards left collarbone.

    Traditional attire of men @ Karnataka is Dhoti and it is also known as Panche.

    In urban Karnataka men’s mostly wear Shirts & Trousers whereas women wear Salwar kameez.

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    I think nowadays no one is following all the customs and tradition... In this generation people wear their attire outfits on some special occasion or a fancy dress competition. What you say guys How many of you agree with me Please reply me here...

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