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Thread: Anemia in Children Signs and Symptoms

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    Anemia in Children Signs and Symptoms

    Hello Dear ones,

    What would be the symptoms and signs if a kid gets anemia? what can be done at the earliest before consult the doctor?? Please guide me It is very very important for me to know about it…

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    Hello Shalaka,

    Anemia is nothing but lack of red blood cells in children, which is quite common the signs and symptoms are
    Unusual paleness in nails and lips
    weak and Dizzy sometimes
    dark brown or red urine
    If you think your kid is undergoing all these symptoms take her to a physician immediately..

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    hi shalaka

    if ur kids gets easily n early tired ...early breathlessness while playing compared to other kids .... consult doctor ...

    before consulting doctor u cant find out if he is anaemic so u cant do anything ... but ya in general to prevent anaemia give good diet to kid ...
    but always consult to doctor first never try diagnosis n treatment at home ...

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    Hi shalaka,

    The symptoms which are mentioned by diya are true. Normally anemic children will have all these problems, so it is better to consult a physician in the initial stage itself; if not! this leads to some major health issues.

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