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Thread: Can we apply soap after facial

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    Can we apply soap after facial

    Hi frnz,
    Is there any harm in using soap to wash face after doing facial?
    Few say that there is no harm and few denies to apply.
    What to do? Please suggest.

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    Hi Vishaka..

    When I went for the facial I consulted my beautician about this. I had same doubt and I asked her. She told we should not apply soap after facial and explained me the reason which I would like to share with you.
    Facial is done to remove the unwanted dry or damaged cells. You might have observed your face after facial; it will look brighter than it was before. This is because of removing the dead cells.
    Once the dead cells get removed, pores are created on our face.
    Soap contains chemicals. If we apply soap after facial, the chemical contents of the soap may enter through the pores and can damage our skin.

    Hence it is advised not to use soap after facial.

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