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Thread: Matru ki bijlee ka mandola movie review

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    Matru ki bijlee ka mandola movie review

    Hello guys,
    Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma starrin Matru Ki Bijli ka Mandola is going to release worldwide this weekend. I have planned to watch the movie this weekend. Can you guys know how the movie is? Is it worth watching? What kind of genre it is?
    Do you have any guess? Will it hit the box office?
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    Hi Varun,
    I am not sure about the movie's hit.
    It is going to get released on 11th Jan 2013.
    I think it is a comedy movie. The story goes around a great industrialist whose name is ‘Harry Madola’. He loves his daughter ‘Bijlee’ very much. ‘Matru’ is a LLB student in Delhi University. But he doesn’t get any job for his studies so he comes to his village to take his family profession of serving Mandola’s family. He starts to love Bijlee. Bijlee goes to study in Oxford University where she falls in love with a politician’s son ‘Baadal’. They both decide to marry. Later the story takes twist and turns in Matru, Bijlee and Mandola’s life.

    I have a small guess on the climax of the movie and let me share with you.

    Matru will do his best to disturb the marriage. In front of Bijlee he will act like a very good boy and he will propose her. Later I think Mandola will be father of Baadal. Both Bijlee and Baadal can’t get married because they both are brother and sister. Now obviously Matru has to marry Bijlee. They both will get married and get settled.

    Picture Khatam!!!

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