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Thread: athirapally waterfalls best time visit

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    athirapally waterfalls best time visit


    I am in finial year degree so we have plan this is our last year so we all students plan to go water fall trip athirpally can any one say me the best time to visit that water falls .

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    It really very good place and people will enjoy going such water falls . Athirapally a perfect tour spot in Kerala throughout the year planning a trip to athirapally wont be in vain for apart from the main waterfalls there are many attractions around. More than a day is needed if you want to visit all the places, but the 3 waterfalls- Athirapally, Vazhachal and the Chapra can be covered within a day. This is the place where you may be directed first by the Guards here in Athirapally.You are allowed go a little more nearer to the falls if the season is not the Monsoons. Guards will allow river bath in a safe place a few meters above this falls. But if it the time of monsoon.

    Athirapally Visiting Time
    Its from morning 8 to evening 6. Tourist entry to the waterfalls and respective areas is restricted by pass costing a amount of money. Forest guards are all over for taking care of you. The beast season to visit this waterfalls is from june to September, during the monsoons when you can see the river in its full strength and fury. A problem during the time is you won't be allowed to go that near to the falls as we can go in other times when the water level is low. Guards restricts the visitors with ropes.

    Enjoy college days by going trip athirapally

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