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Thread: Exercise for back pain relief

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    Exercise for back pain relief

    Hey buddies!!
    I need your help..
    I get severe back pain after sitting after so long time during office hours. It is really disgusting. I canít avoid my job. These days work pressure has been increased. I donít get time to go for 5-10 min walk too. Kindly help me.

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    It happens yaar!

    Due to excess work and the sedentary life will increase the body pain. You need to practice yoga on daily basis to avoid such pains.

    For temporary relief of your back pain, I would suggest you few easy steps.

    - Sit on the floor and stretch your legs slowly and lie down straightly.
    - Breathe slowly and naturally
    - Sit on a chair, slowly lean forward to stretch. Keep your head down and your neck relaxed. Hold 10 - 20 seconds. Use your hands to push yourself upright. Do this for 3-4 times.

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