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Thread: jungle safari in dandeli

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    jungle safari in dandeli

    I came to know that dandeli they have jungle safari If any one knows more information on it please share it

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    Dandeli is a picturesque city set amidst the backdrop of the Western Ghats. Dandeli city is located at the bank of river

    kali in Uttarkannada district. They are very good example for unity in diversity with the different culture , religion,

    and language They say it is mini India . You can visit dandeli any time of the year during the monsoon you may

    see less animals and miss white water rafting . wild life in dandeli on the ride down the river a variety of birds

    eagles , falcon, magpie, robin orioles, wood peckers and many more . at the end of the journey you can either travel

    in the jeep or walk back to your camp you can also travel inside the forest in jeep Other animals in the sanctuary

    include elephants, tigers, black panthers, wild pigs, sloth bears, wild dogs, jackal, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer,

    mouse deer, common langur, bonnet macaque, slender loris, Malabar giant squirrels, giant flying-squirrels, civets,

    porcupines, mongoose and several species of snakes. You can also temples, supa dams Kavala caves

    Hope you will enjoy this jungle safari in dandeli

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