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Thread: Easy breakfast recipes with bread

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    Easy breakfast recipes with bread

    Hi all,

    One of my friends has two kids who are of different age, they do not have proper breakfast, and they will always be hurry in rushing to school. She use to tell me that her kids never take up breakfast and she also told that, they will only wish to have bread in the morning. So she is planning to give them bread every morning with different style................Can anyone please give some easy breakfast recipes with bread? Please do reply as soon as possible!!!!

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    There are many breakfast recipes for bread here, i would like to give some few which is easy as well as tasty.....................

    You can do bread toast with egg mixed in it along with sugar that will be the simple and the tasty food
    Spiced egg toast will also be a good breakfast
    Indian bread omlet will also be a simple and the tastiest thing
    Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables Egg Burji
    Boiled egg open sandwich
    Baked Beans and Bulls Eye
    Tiranga sandwich

    Hope it helped!!!

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