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Thread: Exercise for back pain for women

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    Exercise for back pain for women

    Hello Friends,
    My colleague is suffering from back pain. She is a married women and having a kid. She is handling all the work at home. Even during office hours she is giving her best. One day she came to me and told about her back pain. She consulted doctor, he suggested her to roam around. Other than that are there any remedies for back pain? She really needs our help.

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    It is the most common complaints of working married women. They sit in office for so long time, they go home, have their dinner, finish the work and go to sleep early. But if they get back pain, they take complete rest at home without doing any house chores (This is the survey).
    - One thing I want to tell you all is that, donít take long rest if you get back pain. Rest is not the solution for the pain. You should stay active. You should keep your body in motion.
    - Nextly, maintain good posture while sleeping. Poor sleeping posture may put some unnecessary strain on your back.
    - Too much tensions and pressures can increase back pain. So just relax by watching TV or listen to your favorite songs and try to forget your tensions.
    - Apply Ice or Heat. Heating pads or Ice packs may give you relief from pain.

    I think these remedies will surely help your colleague to get relief from her back pain.

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