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Thread: Easy breakfast recipes for kids Indian

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    Easy breakfast recipes for kids Indian

    Hi all,

    One of my friends is a working women who has two kids. The biggest problem for her is, their kids they do not have a proper breakfast, she use to tell me that whatever she prepares for breakfast they will never eat it and she is totally worried about that. Since, she is a working women she do not have time to prepare tasty breakfast for kids; so she is looking for some easiest breakfast recipes for kids. Can anyone please suggest few breakfast recipes for kids? So that it will help her to cook some tasty breakfast to kids.

    Thank you!!!!

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    Hi Renu,

    Generally kids will never have breakfast unless it is tasty and healthy; so the mother should be very keen in preparing some innovative foods in the morning, so that even the children would love to have such kind of foods. Most of the kids wish to have some light breakfast like kellogs cornflakes, chocos etc... So tell her to give these kinds of foods because, they will be tasty as well as healthy.

    Here i would like to give few ideas in preparing some innovative breakfast for kids.

    Chapathi rolls will be one of the greatest breakfasts for kids roll chapathi with jam
    Bread sandwich is also very good and tasty as well
    Tell her to prepare onion dosa with that ask her to garnish it with few vegetables like carrot, beetroot, etc...So that it will be colorful and the kids will also have it nicely
    Aloo parathas will also be a good breakfast for kids

    First i will tell the ingrediants needed for it;

    Whole wheat flour - 1 cup
    Salt - a pinch
    Oil -1 tsp for kneading the dough
    Oil for cooking the parathas

    The first thing to be done is you are suppose to take just one cup of flour with that add salt oil water and make it a soft dough then in the usuall way you prepare the chapathis. For stuffing you need potatoes, green chillies, cumin seeds, salt, coriander leaves, onion, garam masala.

    The method to do it;

    Put the required potatoes in the pressure cooker then take the skin and mash it well with that add all the ingrediets which you have kept aside for stuffing. Then make a six roun balls out of the stuffing. After that, roll the dough in round shape and keep the stuffing inside then again roll it in round shapes and put it on the tawa which is heated nicely. After the paratha is cooked both the side then take it out and put it in a plate and then serve the kids.

    These are some of the breakfast recipes for kids, ask her to try with this..............

    Hope it helped!!!

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