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Thread: How many times should i feed my 3 month old baby

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    How many times should i feed my 3 month old baby

    Hey friends!
    I am planning for baby and hence I am very inquisitive about baby care. Kindly help me by replying this query buddies..
    Once the baby becomes 3 months old, how many times should I need to feed him/her?

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    Ohhh!! Thatís great!!!
    Your hubby bought new villa?
    Anyways you planned for your baby. I feel happy about you..
    And you are very much eager to know many thing to get healthy baby.. I appreciate your keenness.
    Hmm.. You can give 3-6 ounces every 3 hours for your 3 months old baby.

    Donít take too much tension about your baby dear. You doctor will explain you everything when you get pregnant. Be cool.

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    hi shivangi

    up to 6 months - feed on demand or every 2 hours ... breast milk is best ..till 6 months no need to give even water if u will have sufficient milk ...

    other details of breast feeding i have given in some related post if feel then read or ask here anything specific..

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    Hi Shivangi,
    Waiting for your good news.

    I hope your doubt has been cleared. If you have any more queries about planning for baby and post delivery queries can post it without any hesitation.

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