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Thread: Effects of using expired contact lens

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    Effects of using expired contact lens

    Hi friends,

    I had bought a contact lens in the year 2007; i din’t even bother to use it all these years. The expiry date of it is in September “2009” but now i thought of using it. I would like to put forth a question to you all........................ is it unsafe to use the expired contact lenses? If so! Can you guys please tell some of the harmful effects of using expired contact lenses? please help!!!

    Waiting for your valuable replies!!!

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    Hi payal,

    You can, but it is not advisable nor it is not safe; because after the expiry date the contact lens may begin to damage. It is based on the chemical components in it. So it is better to avoid using expired contact lens...........

    Some of the effects of expired contact lens are;

    The pH level will become more acidic and insecure. Therefore some eye problems like irritation, itching, blurriness, infections etc will occur if you use expired contact lens.

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