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Thread: Hair Care Tips For Men In India

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    Hair Care Tips For Men In India

    Hair is one of the leading features for anybody that highlights looks enormously; to maintain this hair healthy, I would like to hear some essential tips specifically for “Men”.
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    As of women, men are mounting awareness about their looks day by day, particularly they are very much concern about “Hair” in fact it is one of the most important parts of the body. To maintain this feature grow healthier we need to follow these following directives, such as:-

    • Must use large toothed comb and brushes for combing hairs.
    • No repeated coloring for hairs.
    • No hair dryers.
    • Regular cold wash for hairs is hale and hearty.
    • Must not use local conditioners and Shampoos.
    • Applying Coconut oil or Lavender oil before 1 hour of bath is healthy.
    • Must avoid chemical treatments.
    • Tight hats & caps are restricted.
    • Must trim hair on regular basis.
    • Conditioning hair with egg white is good way of growing hair.
    • Must not consume hydrogenated foods.

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