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Thread: Can nokia beat samsung?

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    Can nokia beat samsung?

    Hello folks................

    Though there are many cellphone makers in India Nokia is one of the standard brand for mobiles from decades there has been many cellphone from Nokia. They introduced many models with different features. Recently Nokia has introduced the first ever wireless charging feature in its latest model 920 and 820 to grab all the attention of all the mobile users. Nokia will keep on inventing the new models with various attractive features and technical specifications..............By presenting unique models i think Nokia will beat the series of Samsung galaxy which had been introduced in yesteryear's, what do you guys say, do you agree with me? If so! Please do share your views and opinions!!!

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    Nokia is one of the outdated brands and it can never beat Samsung. Earlier it was famous, but now Samsung are one of the top most brands in the indian market. Samsung beat Nokia to the top position in the global handset market in the first quarter of 2012; increasing sales in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2011 helped the South Korean company become the number one smartphone maker in the global handset market. It is said that samsung brand has overtook nokia in terms of its revenue in the latest quarter and this stands as a live example for the growth of Samsung handset brands. As far as i am concerned most of them prefer the new version of Samsung I.e. galaxy smartphone with latest technology. Samsung is sure to beat nokia.......................Today most of the people are looking for a smartphone with various applications than a 41 mp camera, but nokia is lagging behind this. Samsung is said to be one of the top most smartphone manufacturers in the world. They were the one who introduced phone with android operating system. The problem of nokia is that they are not improving with latest techno they are lagging behind in the competitive market of smartphone. At conclusion i would like to say that “nokia can never beat Samsung”

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