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Thread: Is donating blood healthy?

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    Is donating blood healthy?

    Hi all,

    Right from my childhood i have seen many people donating blood for many reasons like, one of the main reason is when someone is in need of blood. Some of them donate once in three months; some do it once in a month. I will think that they are losing more number of blood from the body, but recently one of my friends also donated blood, when she told me that i started scolding her, but she said that donating blood is healthy; it was really surprising to me. I just wanted to know is donating blood healthy or will it cause harm to the body? Please do share your views and opinions!!

    Thank you!!
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    Yes donating blood is really healthy!!!!!

    Donating blood is seriously a healthier task both for the donor and the receiver. They have many health benefits; one of the main benefit is blood will be purified. Once blood is donated fresh blood is formed in the body where there will be no impurities in it.It is said that heart attacks and other heart problems were less common in men who had donated blood than a men who did not. Another important thing is that, excessive iron in the body leads to heart disease, if you donate blood on a regular basis there will be deficiency in iron and therefore it helps in preventing heart attack.

    Here i would like to specify few important advantages of donating blood; please have a look at it;

    It helps to reduce the risk of cancer
    It helps to reduce heart attack risk
    Replenish blood

    Hope you understood!!

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