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Thread: How Many Times Should I Eat A Day

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    How Many Times Should I Eat A Day

    Whatís an exact count of a meal for an individual in a day?? I eat 3 full meals in a day and I donít know whether its good way of diet or not.

    If my practice is wrong, kindly somebody revert me back with an exact estimation!

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    3 full meal a day is bad way of diet practicing, it is because fasting for long period of time produces disease like obesity & plumpness as well consuming large meal at a time with huge carbo rich or fat rich foods will lead various sickness related to cardiac, kidney and lungs.

    5-6 small meal in a day is a healthy way of dieting, coz though when we consume carbo or cholesterol rich foods in a small amount; it will have certain time gap for burning them before day ends. So burning unnecessary cholesterol through limited foods and exercises in a day is hale and hearty practice ever.

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