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Thread: Easy vegetarian breakfast recipes weight loss

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    Easy vegetarian breakfast recipes weight loss

    Can anybody tell me easy vegetarian breakfast recipe so that I can cook easily at home and it should be healthy too. I used to take my breakfast from outside hotels and I put on weight. Kindly suggest me few vegetarian breakfast recipe to reduce my weight.

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    Hi Mayank,
    Eating outside food is bad for health. At last you understood that.
    There are very easy making vegetarian breakfast recipes that you can try at home.

    Pulses are good for reducing weight.
    Soak any one for the whole night (Horse gram, Green Gram, Bengal gram, Peanut, Kidney beans, Moth beans, etc…)
    Next morning boil the pulsesin less water with salt and cook till becomes soft. (So that there is no need in draining water).
    Heat a pan and add 2 tspn. Of oil and add mustard seed. Once it splutters add urad dal and red chilies. Then add the boiled pulses. Mix it well. Add ¼ cup of grated coconut.
    Your breakfast is ready.

    You can have sandwiches.
    All you need is bread, cucumber, tomato, onion, boiled potato, chat masala, Pudhina-corriander paste and butter.
    For coriander paste:
    Wash pudhina and coriander and grind it along with green chillies and salt. Add few drops of lemon juice.
    Take bread slice; apply butter and then coriander paste. Keep the sliced onion, potato, tomato and cucumber one by one and close it with bread.
    One sandwich is more than enough for your breakfast.

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