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Thread: How to Improve Analytical Skills In Kids

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    How to Improve Analytical Skills In Kids

    Hi guys,

    Analytical thinking is a habit that can be learned and practiced early in life. In this competitive world, it is important to teach our children to improve their skills, as it boosts up their problem-solving skills, reasoning skills and so on. I would like to know, in what ways this analytical skill could be improved in kids. Please explain in detail.


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    Hi Daisy,

    Every parent should take special care in improving the analytical skills of their children, as they are first tutors for their kids and the best encourager. Children will feel comfortable in learning from their parents than others. Follow these few steps to enhance your kids’ analytical skills…

    • Ask your child to read a passage in which the author is arguing a point of view regarding an issue with which your child is familiar. Make them read at least twice.

    • Ask simple questions to test your child's comprehension and his knowledge of the facts contained in the passage.

    • Ask your child to summarize the passage precisely in her own words. This will test her understanding of the main ideas in the passage, rather than simply the facts presented

    • Quiz your child on the passage, asking questions that are not directly answered by the text. Your child will need to make inferences and generate a conclusion in order to answer.

    • Ask your kid to decide which point of view he agrees with and give reasons why. Then ask him to argue in favor of the point of view he disagrees with. These exercises will develop his ability to evaluate and make judgments.

    • Give your child math word problems to solve, like calculating discounts on buying items. This exercise will develop your child's analytical thinking skills.

    • Play the game of Socratic dialogue with your child. One player takes a position on a controversial issue, and the other player acts as a cross-examining attorney by asking a series of questions designed to trap the other player in a contradiction by revealing weaknesses in his reasoning.

    Hope, this could be informative!!!

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