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Thread: Soya chunks good for hair

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    Soya chunks good for hair

    Hi all,

    One of my friends has frequent hair fall. At the beginning she had a very long hair but now her hair is very small and thin; she is totally worried about that. When she consulted a doctor he told her that her hair lacks moisture; so he adviced her to take some foods which are highly rich in protein like fish, meat, corn, peas, milk products etc... He specifically told her to take soya chunks regularly to get good results.........are soya chunks good for hair growth? If so! Can you guys please tell how it works.......?

    Thank you!!!

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    Soya beans are very popular and they have high nutritional values; most of them prefer to have this instead of meat, it has various health benefits, and is thought to naturally and effectively treat many diseases. They are highly rich in protein and provide energy to the body. If it is consumed regularly there will be improvements in health, as well as it gives proper nourishment to the hair and therefore helps to prevent hair fall and increase hair growth; this is how soya chunks works on hair growth. Hope you understood!!

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